Dwarf Lord, Goblin and female Warrior

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, honourguard, silver leaf

After I didn't post that much in the last weeks, I want to show you my latest finished miniatures. It's so nice to wake up, get breakfast and start paint :D. I got these nice miniatures and many others from Tremanor, the maker of Red Box Games, for free, big thanks for this, Tre ;)

These projects aren't in my best painting level I think, buy I wanted to finish anything for what I need just some days, not a month..^^ Beside this I wanted to train my skills with my new Rackham colours and I tried to use my brushes much longer than usually (for 3 miniatures haha :p ) .. damn, they are so expansive ( I paint with normal brushes not with W&N, like the most in the miniature painting scene) but they often go bust after 1 finished miniature..

I have already 5 finished miniatures without bases in my showcase.. ahh.. they aren't totally ready without a base, I should go built some bases..

Now I gonna start some new minis for the this year competitions.. :)

Okey.. I have already told you too much, here are some pictures:

and the first female miniature for 2 years, except my dream warrior^^

Best regards Oli


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