Lord of the Jungle

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

nothing more to say than this.
maybe a little more than just a roar or a half naked guy yelling through the jungle.

I am  pretty happy and proud to have this project finished.
Most of the time I hated it while I worked at it, because the base idea went just out of control. While building was fun, painting was hell. A green hell. Through many big and small projects with different motivation curves I learned to paint in both worlds. In the dark pit, when you feel not motivated and energized and in the bright powerful energized moments. It's a slippery walk between those two.

This is a comission work I did for a good friend for his private collection. I said, I will accept the comission if I am free to do whatever I like. This can be great on one hand, on the other when your brain explodes into a superlarge jungle base for a 75 mm figure and tons of animals it can be a trap.
It just  went out of control and I lost track and motivation on my plans.

The figures used for this project are mainly from the kickstarter called "Legends of the Jungle", by Oliver Posvek and sculptor Hector Moran, that I supported with a full step by step PDF write up of this project. Part one of concepting the vision, base building and conversion  is already written and I am in the middle of finishing part two, painting such a beast and adding tons of little detail love. So far the PDF goes out to all backers of the kickstarter. Maybe it will be available later on too. I keep you informed.

With this base idea I created a supertall and thin base that shall represent the might of the jungle as a a green wall. The Lord of the Jungle in the thick of it. With plenty of friends and buddies. To see it in full, please check back with this blurry photo from my mobile:

Lord of the Jungle
Legends of the Jungle, Mixed Media, 75 mm

It was hard to take a full photo, even in the superlarge studio photo box.
I even sculpted a beard and penis and testicles to the Lord of the Jungle. Why?
Well I speak about this and explain it in the PDF step by step.

A tutorial about creating jungle ambience can be found in Massive Voodoo's tutorial section.

If you want to see more photos of this project, feel invited to visit it on Putty&Paint.

This project is not for sale. Comission work. In private collection.
Keep on happy painting!

PS: What I have learned on building too big bases: click!
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