Mantis Mech

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

you can call this a brain fart I had back in ... oh wait, when? A long time ago, definatly some years back. A small conversion of a Games Workshop Tau Stealth Suit to a Mech. Playing with scales once again. It was standing around as unfinished brain fart #374, but I finished it up recently. Enjoyed that.

Mantis Mech
Conversion, GW, 32 mm

If you want to see more photos of this project, follow this link!While showing such tiny scale figures many people do ask me where I get them. There is a local artstore in my hometown also selling architecture and railroad figures. Company calls itself "Hermoli - Model Figures". Scale is 1:200. Enjoy!

This unique figure is for sale, if you are interested in making this a piece in your collection and in the same time supporting me in what I do for a living, feel invited to check my PDF cataloge.
Keep on happy painting!


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