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by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

time to say a big thank you in several directions for the support of Massive Voodoo. Thanks to these locations for their jungle donation. You help us enjoy writing free articles, keeping the massive tutorial section organised and all that stuff that happens in behind the curtains. With your help we are able to ship out the prizes of the running MV competition!

Thank you!

11.01.2017 Sempach, Switzerland, 5,00 $
01.02.2017 Olney, USA, 25,00 $
06.02.2017 Wallasey, UK, 9,00 $
01.03.2017 Sempach, Switzerland, 5,00 $
09.07.2017 Sydney, Australia, 5,00 $

10.07.2017 Chantilly, France, 10,00 $
24.07.2017 Piacenza. Italy, 5,00 $
26.07.2017 Sempach, Switzerland, 10,00 $

31.07.2017 Madrid, Spain, 5,00 $
01.08.2017 Taiwan, 10,00 $

06.08.2017 Erlangen, Germany, 15,00 €

 Additional thanks goes out to our supporters
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Also you will find  all recent beginner class reviews, miniatures unpacked, tutorials and step by steps and private coaching reviews linked up in their corner of the massive painting jungle. 
More coming soon!

Well, there is still the issue with some photos missing in a small number of articles in our tutorial section. Roman is on it, but beside all the regular work and things he has to handle this takes time. Some are already done, others will follow. We are asking for your patience.

Right now it is quite silent when it comes to new class announcements, but this will change in the middle of september. Roman will hold several different classes from his wide variety of seminar offers in german language and english language in his hometown Augsburg, Germany. Still some plans have to be made about the venue and this will be done in early September.  Classes are planned to start in November or December and 2018 of course too. Stay tuned!

Next week Roman is diving deep into his final week of preparations for the great show that will be the NOVA OPEN 2017 in Washington D.C. Beside helping to judge the Capital Palette he has a wide range of seminars ready to knock your painting knowledge and skills in place. See you there!

This means Roman is not really available all around for the next two weeks as preps and travelling will have a tight grip on his time schedule. Just to let you know if you are reaching out to him.

So far, thank you all and keep on happy painting!

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