by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

I got a future comission on my table about Hellboy.

For a big Hellboy fan from the Netherlands and he knows what he is speaking of when it comes to comics. Much more than I do as I barely speak about comics.

I am preparing myself these days for this comission in several different ways. One is to read comics. Second is to work on the base of the project (will show a preview later in this post) and the other one is painting up a cool Hellboy bust, sculpted by Oleksandr Bilibov and available at Mr Lee Minis (drop them a private message on facebook if you want one!).Well, this was fun.

Mr Lee Minis, sculpt: Oleksandr Bilibov, 1/12

If you want to see better photos and more of them, follow the link to Putty&Paint.

This figure is not for sale.
In private collection.

Keep on happy painting and for more Hellboy action in the future of the jungle!


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