Tip of Today

by Josua Lai

Happy Accidents

Sometimes things are not going the way we want them to. Accidents are a normal thing in every day life and also in your hobby journey. I am not talking about accidents that you can avoid, rather the ones you can`t avoid.  And how to deal with them.

Let me explain what I mean while I tell you the story of the base i created as a special mega prize for the MV Challenge 2017.

I started with a clear vision in my mind.
A snow and Ice covered river is wanted in the end . Here is a WIP photo:

 Pretty "COOL" eh?

Everything looked like my plan would work out really well... till I poured my resin... Somehow the hardener part of my resin product got contaminated by something and the resin changed its color to a slightly more yellowish color than clear. As i mixed in a cold green color i didn't recognise it till the resin was poured in my base. The yellow reacted with the blue and turned my snow scene into a warm more Caribbean like scene.  

What to do now? First i was frustrated. After a short time i decided to take the challenge and try to make something out of it. Long story short: I am pretty happy that little accident happened to me in the middle of my Project. Let little happy accidents like this not ruin your motivation and joy for a Project. Let them Challenge you! They are often a good way to learn and improve.

I would love to hear your happy little accident story.

Best wishes



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