Review: Roman's Speedpainting Masterclass in Forchheim, Germany

by Roman aka jar

Good Monday Morning Jungle,

it is about time.
Time for a review on a very special seminar Roman thaught some weeks ago in Forchheim, Germany.

I'd like to explain a little bit about this class,
but first let me say thank you in many directions. First to Peter and Matthias for organising the class in such a cool and easy way. Matthias for helping with one of the best venues concerning teaching and all the hospitality you offered. It was a blast!

Second to all my students who took the chance to be part of this one day class. Yes one day only. Eight hours only. Very unusual for my type of weekend classes I usually do. Thank you all!

 This Massive Voodoo seminar is supported by

A big thank you goes to CoolMiniorNot for supporting this class in an amazing way. Without their help it would have been not half as cool for everyone! Thank you very much for providing great Zombie Models from the wonderful Zombicide Boardgames!

Thanks to Bene for doing the trip with me and being good company and also for providing such beautiful photos for this review. Thanks to Andy for his wonderful hospitality and the great experience of listening to music in a way a never did before.

to the class, shall we?

If you want you can read a review by Sebastian, on his blog

Many thanks!

If I count all my seminars I did so far, including private coaching, event seminars and weekend workshops I can tell with a teacher's pride that I've done about 150 + so far. Man, I am growing old.
I never called one of my classes "masterclass".

Never so far. Thinking about it why I didn't my conclusion is simple. I do not feel a mastery myself on my journey. Sometimes I do while painting a certain project and everything works out as my vision told me, but still I know I will always learn new and wonderful things about painting in the rest of my life.

Now I called this class concept "Speedpainting Masterclass".
Mastery in Speedpainting? Well, this topic somehow does not fit together with the meaning behind the word "masterclass". Strange, but I decided this on purpose.

The idea for this class was born, because the still running Community Project of Massive Voodoo about a big Zombie Diorama.I remember myself sitting there on a rainy day some years ago and deciding to not spent more than 15 minutes on a Zombiefigure if I need 500 of them for the diorama. Put on the timer and painted 12 on this day, finding and exploring my speedpainting technique. This day the idea was born for this class concept and it was also thaugt once before in only four hours on NOVA OPEN 2016. My students there had a blast and I had too as a teacher! Let's do this again my brain called out.

After a long time of planning and constructing and redifining my teaching plan I was able to announce this class for a Saturday in July 2017. Instead of four hours I planned it for eight hours, including about one hour for lunch break. I was amazed how fast all twentysix seats of this class were fully booked. Just bam, and gone. Thank you so much for your interested and support in what I do, ladies and gentlemen!

Speedpainting a Zombie in 15 Minutes to a good gaming level.
How is this even possible some of you might ask?

Well, with joy in painting, freedom of mixing colors, not following color recipes, bravery, speed and tons of happy painting mood! These are the essentials. The rest is training, training, training.
That is what we did. The training aspects of the class aimed to explain everything that is needed to my students, but also increasing their confidence in them as a happy painter and their speed. Goal was to paint at least one figure in the end of the class with a timer of fiveteen minutes.

The very, very interesting aspect for me as a teacher on this class was that I got all different skilllevels of painters in this class. Beginners, advanced and super-experienced ones. Also a lot of students who have taken many of my other classes. Arrigato!

Here and there I had to check back with their knowledge and if they train painting enough!

 ... and I can tell I was happily amazed! Thanks, Christian!

I prepared several different explanations on the technical procedure and steps in my speedpainting technique.

Before everybody was tackling his own horde of zombies it was time to demonstrate the technique on a figure myself to show that it is possible in fiveteen minutes.

Not even I was checking the alarm. The master of time was checking back precisely:

Some impressions on going into active speedpainting mode with this supercool group of students:

Above: Beautiful priming remains on a rubber glove. 
Yes I wrote this just now :D

And then the rows of painted Zombiefigures grew ...

Of course I brought some of my speedpainted Zombies too for inspiration and motivation.

Thanks again to Bene for shooting all these nice impressions while I was busy teaching.
Photo credits: Benedikt Sedlmair

Well, this class was a blast for me as a teacher. Nice people and it felt as a small family meeting to see so many well known friendly faces. Thank you all again! Here is a normal group photo:

 ... but the Zombie ones are much cooler.
Great posing everyone! Remarkable and a very good memory:

The last part of the class was sitting down - everyone, including me - to paint a Zombie with a strict fiveteen minute timer. I did not choose a Zombie this time - I did pick a Hasslefree Model to show that this technique even will work on a more complex figure. This figure was given away to one of my students after the class. Sadly I somehow lost the photos of it he did sent me and I missed to take one myself.

What we all learned in this last lesson: Fiveteen minutes is really quickly gone if you only have two hairblowers for all students. We invented group zombie hairblowing for the social aspects of the class :D

I was so pleased and proud as a teacher to the outcome of my students and the experiences they made and I made of course too - and now I let photos of the results speak for themselves:

Well, I still have so much to tell about this class even it is the end of the review, I will name the things I still want to add:

  •  I will do this class again. Next time in Augsburg, Germany this late Fall/Winter. Stay tuned on your jungle blog the know more! I can not promise that this class will happen at your doorstep anytime soon!
  • I am so thankful to everyone who offered one or several Zombies to our Community Project, this   was absolutely heart touching. So, so cool! There will be a future update about the progress of the project and an update on all the zombie figures we were recieved from you! Thank you so much!
  •  I was really confused when the class was over after eight hours. It felt so different then everything else I teach. When I teach I teach hardcore in terms of content and hours. This was also hardcore content, but with speed :D

Keep on happy painting and many thanks everyone!
Special thanks once again to the great support of CMON!
See you next time!


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