Review: Private Coaching with Kirill Kanaev in Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle people, 

... some weeks back Augsburg was visited by Mr. Kanaev where he thaught a private coaching to a wild mix of students from all around corners. They travelled from Graz (Austria), Hamburg, Augsburg and Wuppertal to enjoy Kirill's coaching on painting.

The concept of the coaching was a free ride and every student could ask for his personal topic. Kirill was helping everyone to improve in his very own subject.

Additional to the days of the coaching we also spent some nice days in Augsburg before and after this years Duke of Bavaria.

Following you can find a small selection of some best of photos.

I for my part was not able to attend the coaching as life kept me busy during these days, but it was a joy to organise it and see the students learn so much from the wonderful person, patient giant and amazing artist that is Kirill Kaneav.

The Kirill, recieving a haircut at Augsburg's best barber shop!

The Hamburg connection

Kirill's work up close in hand is always a true joy!

Yeah, Non Metallic Metal.

Everybody painting focuses on their projects, Kirill in the middle.

Ready to answer all questions.

Observe nature and learn painting from it.

Roman takes you on a journey on how to use your eyes to study the act of painting.

Or observe nature on your smartphone. Works too! :D

God damn it!

Blurry photo, but still lovely!

Some where painting, others had too much fun!

:D - More impressions! It indeed was a little family reunion of friends. Would love to have been able to focus more on painting these days to enjoy Kirill's coachings in full force.


We want to thank Kirill for coming to Augsburg and being a wonderful coach for the gang of students who showed up to get to learn from his mastery.

After these days of painting joy we all headed out to enjoy the Duke of Bavaria. There will be a little review on this too in future days. I hope you enjoyed these impressions. Thank you again, Mr. Kanaev. If you want to see more of Kirill's work check his Putty&Paint account:

Best Wishes

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