Tutorial - Base on 4-edged socket with profile

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa brush sisters and brothers,

although there may be nothing ground-breaking new, I once again documented my approach to of building another base.

A standard base from the Sockelmacher.de has been used.

 - Socket
- a Putties by Guardi - Type A (not granular)
- Stones
- Soil in the pot
- Two small twigs
- Fragments of a dried tree slice *
- Wood glue
- Zinnkleber
- A skull of Tin Bitz's
- Half a statue of Confrontation
- Tape

* Of such things - are found in the woods ..

Masking/Preparing of the base

To protect the socket from dirt, paint, primer and adhesive accidents I've taped it with an usual tape. 

Watch for the upper area and really get the tape plain to the socket by using your fingers or the back of a kitchen knife or the back of a brush or whatever, then wander down to the base, smoothing everything, to avoid gaps through which paint or whatever else could get onto the socket and make it look not so nice.

When buying a tape don't buy the cheapest ones, because they don't work as good as you might think.

Bringing on the Putty

With a knife, I have brought the Putty by Guardi on the bread ... uhm, Base (in the end it is just like making a morning toast). Already at this point the tape works its task.

On display are here already the first components. The half cutted pieces of the statue and the pieces from the tree disc, which are still quite porous.

Smashing the pieces into the Putty

Well, the "components" pressed into the putty and have been moved how the mood wanted to take them place.


Once the filler is completly dry (about 5 ~ 6 hours, depending on how thick the layer is) t is time to proceed.

Garden Potting Earth?

I am using so many material Mother Nature offers, so here instead of sand  have used earth from the garden.

I gently put some PVC glue on the areas where i wanted to put the earth and pressed it onto the base. You can, for example press it down with the back of a brush.


After the glue dried (it was about 1 hour, then i blew over the base - outdoors), I have watered the earth and the other wood parts with Super Glue to guarantee stability - sure this is not a very good idea but i like the smell and it works. There is certainly a less wasteful solution to this problem, for example - should work well - a dilution of water / PVC glue. 

In response, I blew the base again and again to reimplement the process with the earth repeatedly for unsightly holes or other places.

Ready to paint ...

Jupp, that's it, after all glue is dried:

I recommend to paint the entire figure to the end and then removing the tape - why? The reason can be seen here quite good ... WIP:

I hope this little trip to some more weirdo base work may inspire...

Keep on happy painting!


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