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Painting Jams are our answers to frequently asked Questions (FAQs) that drop in to us - here you find all Painting Jams linked up for you to read. A Painting Jam will be held once in a month. If you have a question which big Kong can answer for you write to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com and title the mail with "Painting Jam - *your theme*" so i can organise myself a bit more.

I know it sounds stupid but i have to stop answering questions in all the forums i am active. This takes so much time for me it nearly destroyed my soul in several moments in my life. Write an email and there might be a good chance to see your question answered, please write in english...

Painting Jam 00 - FAQ 
Metallics on Blood Angel Sanguinus Guard?
Painting Jam 00 - FAQ
Camera Model? 
Painting Jam 00 - FAQ
Colour Scheme Question?
Painting Jam 01 - FAQ
Skaven Improvment?
Painting Jam 02 - FAQ
Blood Angels,
Source Lightning? 
Painting Jam 03 - FAQ
blacks on Black Templar,
Painting Jam 04 - FAQ 
painting technique?
Painting Jam 05 - FAQ 
video tutorials,
painting technique, 
Painting Jam 06 - FAQ
tips on a space marine,
join Massive Voodoo,
white ashen colour,
metals on Ancient Hero Maulg,
latest Work tips,
Vampire Skin, brushes? 
Painting Jam 07 - FAQ 
fine arrows, 
dusty primer?
Painting Jam 08 - FAQ 
black again, 
space wolf?
Painting Jam 09 - FAQ 
Varnish again, 
Dark Angels Cybot?
Painting Jam 10 - FAQ 
Necron used Metals, 
white and black, 
Vampires again, 
Andrea Flesh Set?
Painting Jam 11 - FAQ
Fast gold recipe?
Painting Jam 12 - FAQ
Priming Question? 
Painting Jam 13 - FAQ
Daylight Bulbs while Painting? 
Stripping colours from a tank?
Painting Jam 14 - FAQ
Colours on Lelith Hesperax, Dark Eldar?
Painting Jam 15 - FAQ
Frog pop up colours, TM Gold, TM on Nimue
Painting Jam 16 - FAQ
Glazing? Crackle Medium? Space Wolf Colours?
Painting Jam 17 - FAQ
Hive Tyrant
Painting Jam 18 - FAQ
Improvment? Layering? Crixus Blue? 
Tips on Space Marine? Priming - rough surface?
Painting Jam 19 - FAQ
Warpaint on Orcs, Mini in the dark,
Painting hair, Improvment tips on a model,
single model for improvment?
Painting Jam 20 - FAQ
A dressed stone ballustrade?
Painting Jam 21 - FAQ
Painting Motivation?
Painting Jam 22 - FAQ
Hirst Art Parts? 
Leaves on High Elf Prince?
Painting Jam 23 - FAQ
Earth on a base - how to paint? 
Airbrush for basic army painting? 
Water Effect? Real Rust?
Painting Jam 24 - FAQ
Problems with Oil on Acrylic basis?
Feedback on a project?
Basing guidance?
Work on 15mm Figures?
Glow effects?
Painting Jam 25 - FAQ
Getting back to the Hobby after a while -
what to buy?
Fire, Wind, Water, Fog?
Painting Jam 26 - FAQ
Can you help Ivo with glazing?
Painting Jam 27 - FAQ
Weathering, Glazing and

Wet in Wet?
Painting Jam 28 - FAQ
Cleaning bad mouldlines on detail hair
Khemri colour scheme
Nurgle colour scheme
Blending green
fine metal textures
Painting Jam 29 - FAQ
Swamp Bases?
New Citadel Layering Colours?
Painting Jam 30 - FAQ
How much time does a mini take?
Airbrush use?
Base inspiration?
Painting Jam 31 - FAQ
Athmospheric sculpting?
Painting Jam 32 - FAQ  
Contrasts on a base?
The way of the Miniature Painter?
Competition Painting and Renomee as a comission painter?
Painting Jam 33 - FAQ 
Power Ranger Miniatures?
Wet Palette Problems?
Miniature Decisions?

Painting Jam 34 - FAQ  
How to paint tourquoise cloth?
Miniature Shows?
Show Preparation?

Painting Jam 35 - FAQ  
Progress on tourqouise cloth
Advice on Dayglow colors and OSL
Do we varnish our models?

Painting Jam 36 - FAQ

To be continued...

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