Chimps Work in Progress...

by Roman aka jar

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Huhu! It's me again - don't want you to get bored in here :)

Robert, i know some of you don't remember him, but he did sent me photos of his ship project today to ask me for feedback. I will do so tonight my friend. Robert didn't want to post the photos as according to him nothing really happened and the photos are bad, but i told him i will find the right words to explain why i surely will post it for him... it's not about the photos, it's not about the progress, it's simply about its beauty that should be shared to those who can't wait to see it finished and to tell the world that he is still working on it, the chimp has not been eaten by stealthy jungle predators - it is always great to see some progress Mr. R. and again i have to say i will adore it when it is finished - beware this might take about 1~40 years from now on, haha... btw i like the book you are riding, did read mine last week :)

I just can name you a freak Mr. R. - to inform you - he did build up these lamps from nothing on his own... just like the ship and mostly everything you can see so far... that is why it takes so long, in every inch there is pure austrian Roberto love... outstanding!

Hope you are glad that i have informed you dear readers! I don't care if the Chimp is angry now... Kong will tell Chimp some good banana stories from the times when the oceans swallowed Atlantis and everything will be fine again... :)

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