Georc's Workshops starting again...

by Roman aka jar

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Heyho Brushfriends!
Good News for those intrested in Painting Classes in Germany.  
Georg Damm aka Georc is starting his workshops again.

As some of you might know Painting is a thing between exchange of ideas and techniques, for sure it is always good to have a chance to be teached by someone who explains to you how he gives it a go on our all beloved hobby. If you are intrested the painting classes by Georc are now announced. Here are the first two (german only):



If you are intrested in taking part check the details at the Forums.

Keep on happy painting!

PS: I also did an overview over my own class plans for the rest of the year, if intrested you can find it here: RIIIGGGHHTTT HEERRRRRRRRR!!!!


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