Workshop Review / Wertheim, Germany

by Roman aka jar

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It took me a while as you can see. Sorry for the delay and waiting time for some of you. Man, what a great weekend we had while meeting at the Painting Class in Wertheim. Here is the review.

First of all i want to thank the Tabletop Club Warhammer Exterminatus at Wertheim for their energy and power that they have brought into this happening. Thank you very much for your big hospitality in every aspect. Special thanks at this point to Holger for being the man in front of the carriage, the man behind the barbecue also has my deepest respect, thanks for the photos to Mr. B, the man who drove the car like a true god of the streets  and a big thank you to all the helping hands around this event.

Listen to this song and - a moment for you to get to the song - now let it rise to 1:30 minutes - then read further:

Imagine yourself in a helicopter, flying over a high mountain chain overgrown by dark green jungle, fog moving slowly through its deeps, big overgrown old temple ruins pop out here and there, big birds are crossing the sky and you hear sounds out of the jungle you never dreamed of - there along this mountain chain you'll see a honestly slow-motion Kong Fu bow into your direction :)

It has been a beginner's class once more. Some people did ask me: "Am i too good for this class already? Am i too newby for this class?" There is no yes or no answer to this point. I am simply showing my way of painting miniatures, explained for beginners, show theory about light and colours, let you learn to feel them everywhere... blabla... the decision is yours. I have had a lot of experienced painters in the last couple of classes and everyone got struck by my madness from time to time... the youngbloods will have to take the path from 0 ~ 100 by having me holding their hands... can't describe it better i guess. It is a lot of fun and learning for everyone and someday when the time is right there will be Update-class that brings you deeper in my painting. You know one weekend is short, but great - and that's what it was like in Wertheim.

This was our place to be - the fabolous Club rooms, with included refrigerator:

Before the storm... then the storm broke loose... here is an example on the stuff i travel with when it goes out of the jungle to a class - that is only the stuff i need and bring for the participants, so the room got filled up soon with much more...

we went from theory of basing, the meaning of contrasts in our environment, light and shadow to colour theory and far beyond inside our imagination and checked what this all could mean for our all beloved hobby of miniature painting. Friday and Saturday have been filled with this content, also we did prepare the models and did the basing. It must have been intresting for the participants as you can see on the next photo, maybe:

Saturday was the day with practical exercising to convert all our theory into useful wisdom. I explained a lot, we had some good laugther most of the time and then it was time that the pupils check their own workbench and rock their model.

Between a lot of painting, painting and painting we had some great breaks with barbecue - big thanks to the man behind the grill, you are my new hero. Here is a complete shot of the whole group - the sun was burning like ... uhm, the strongest sun you have ever seen - thanks a lot to all of you ladies and gentleman - it was a real joy to hold this class at yours:

We also made some photos of the participants results. I was really impressed as there have been many complete beginners. Real starters that have painted their first miniature ever on this class. Really proud of everyone of you in which short time you learnt and improved yourself - also i am very proud of those who did not go to watch a soccer game, haha... and finally i am proud of those who went dark paths of demotivation and found light in the end... great to see you learn to learn... here you go, the results of painting from Saturday midday til Sunday afternoon - not all included as some already have been gone to the soccer game and left the place... damn soccer, haha:

Sorry that i don't put all of the pictures you made Mr. B as some are really not sharp. I hope everyone is still as motivated as i am to swing his brush. Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend in Wertheim.

For those who want to laugh hard - here is my new summer class outfit:

Keep on happy painting!


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