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by Roman aka jar

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I do not know if you ever heard of this print magazine...
Yesterday i did recieve 2 test issues to have an impression of the magazine, because i did an article for one of the next issues about my Butterfly miniature - coming somewhere in the future and i have to say the first impression is really cool... one issue is in spanish language and the other is in english - at the moment i have no idea where you can get them, but you should keep your eyes open, because there are really great articles included and what i really like is that there are inspirational photos, for examples trees or ice in the end of the issues i have ... here are some shots of my 2 issues of the Fantasy Dimension Mags i got:

If you find a place in the internet where you can get them, let us know in the jungle!
EDIT: Thanks to Junex, here you go: Euromodelismo

Keep on happy painting!


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