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hey long time no news...but heres a little summer short project... its still wip..but only give a small sight of live.. from berlin
its a lotr theoden... to get in the mood for gamesday...
i tryed some diffrent style... more contrast more cartoony..
truley inspired by alexi´s

hope to get better pics of the finished model soon

a photo of the base in a earlyer state of work..
the light green parts are milliput standart
brown parts are very thin kork sheet
and the fence is from ..hmm... i think it was "NOCH" train H0 accessoirs
plus a little sand..

i cut out some steps and a big plate for the top..
afterwards i glued them in position with superglue
and then soaked it from bothsides with thin superglue
andacceleration spary.. so the cork looses its flexibility.

i applied a layer of vallijo plasic putty ...on the top side
to get a smooth ground... dried and sanded it.

i rolled out a thin layer of milliput standart..then it has to dry for about an hour.
when its dryer.. its easyer to work out some structure..
zhe rest of the milliput i mixed, i rolled out on a small piece of plasic get some broken extra tiles later
for the micro structure i take an old toothbrush and a scalpel.afterwards i cut in the floor-tiles

when complete dryed... i refine the edges of the they look sharper

i drilled a small hole and glued in the tree... the tree is a tiny root..
most roots are way smaler then you turn them upside down..
but dont forget to add some more roots for the miniature tree roots
6: add the fence... i bend it a bit with a lighter so it looks benden and rusted
7.Step: i added some small gravel and sand...

i spraypaint it first black then white ... to get a better feeling for the micro structure
afterwards its allmost just thin glazings of diffrent brown and grey tones...

i add a lot of grass.... a lot of this is from outside..sunny berlin... yeahhha..
some small spots of grass are from "mininatur"... plus some more or less single
green hairs from NOCH.. plus some leaves i cut from paper and painted with acrylics

hope it helped



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