Time for Rock'n'Roll again...

by Roman aka jar

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... swinging the brush wildly, during such days i am used to call my muse Rock'n'Roll. Maybe i got something for one or the other of you - a preview on another step by step i am writing on these days - guess this will be the first historical Step by Step in here, but maybe Andrea is faster than me...who knows :)

Yesterday i did start to read "with the old breed" by E. B. Sledge and i got to say i slowly get into the mood to paint up the USMC of Iwo Jima (Scale 1:10). When i talk about mood in this case it is not about feeling happy, it is more about respect to those young men like me and you who had to suffer during the war... My today's photo inspirations which i did find by using google:


I choose to start the painting with the face - you now got to open your eyes because my mind thinks fast.
I also wanted to change my colour palette a bit so i decided to use Andrea Skin colour set for a start. First steps -I did start with 1st and 2nd Base in a mix as a basecolour then used only 1st base to sketch the first light areas in the skin and only 2nd Base for sketching the shadows (will work with a zenithal lightning, light from above the sculpt).

Left from right is 2nd Base, 1st Base and 1st Light (which i did not use in the first step explained above):

At the moment the areas are not completly opaque, but that is ignored by me as further steps bring me further and will change this subject. Second step was strengthen the highlights by adding 1st Light to the 1st base and a tiny drop of yellow - here you can see what i have done on the right lower side of my wet palette:

Also gave the cervical and the chops areas another run with the basecolour to achieve a bit more covering of the layers, having in mind that there will be shadow down there- The Eyes have been painted black. not perfect at the moment, simply  a sketch for preparing further steps:

Next and third step was using Yellow Olive from Vallejo Model Air colour and a drop of Andreas Skin 1st shadow, mixed together to strengthen the first deeper shadows, you can see the colour i have used here on the left upper corner on my wet palette:

Also i have taken some advantages in sketching the clothing colour - it is not right at the moment but it is just a sketch for further getting to the point i want to be later on - here are the colours i choose for this sketch, not yet finished and i am not thinking about the historical right colour and carefully paintwork at the moment (that arrives sooner or later), painting from feeling i'd call this...

So far... read you when the time is ready again... do some Rock'n'Roll too!
Keep on happy painting!


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