What a wonderful break of ...

by Roman aka jar

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... a usual painting day :)

Today i had been in the local Games Workshop Store sitting there painting, haha.
As we got a new store chief there which is also a friend of mine i did paint up the new Demon Prince model as a gift to the shop. It took me about 4 hours with breaks to make Harakiri Spead Painting to a nice gaming standard with cool demonish effects.

That was my day so far and i really enjoyed painting somewhere else than in my "studio" and painting on a gift for someone nice again... i can tell the new GW Demon prince really kicks ass... Maybe tomorrow i'll get some good photos of him as i did forget to bring my own camera and i am not allowed to take the gift home to me for photo shooting as the model is not even for sale at the moment... i only had my bad camera from my mobile telephone with me - and i have to show you this great photo, haha - sorry:

Tomorrow i'll show you what i did on him in good photos (hopefully i am able to as there will be new photos shot), don't you expect too much for 4 hours, haha...

Keep on happy painting!


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