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I have so much inspirational links flying around here, which i did collect over the last weeks and i have to post them now, they have to move from my linklist to make space for new ones - no idea if it is intresting to you, but after posting i'll feel better - enjoy:

inspirational Artworks - Steve Argyle's great website 
a strongman
MUTO - Wall painting
Mister Justin shows how to work with weathering powder
Printed Miniatures?
Great Song by NNKEA
Go Go Gorilla (thanks @ Lutz)
Change your thoughts
Ghostsigns (thanks @ Jim)
A great swordfightscene from Animatrix 
Belly Dance under water

All cleaned up, yeaha! Hope you can enjoy one of those! So there are only tons of CMON Miniatures i want to comment on left, haha...
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