Tutorial - Painting Metal with Oils

by Andrea aka MXP

posted by Andrea, MXP, Big Orang-Utang

HeyHo junglelovers :)

I try to illustrate the technique that I use for painting the metals on my figures.
To simulate the metal-effect? Simple, let's use the true metal!! : D

The first step is that to carefully clean our miniature from all the imperfections. The second step is that to carefully polish the parts in metal.
I use a simple brush in brass for this.....

Even if scratches remain... It's all right... I believe that the knights that I paint fought... :) and it was normal to have helm and armours with scratches and damages.

The third step is..."primer" for the following painting!... if you want to use this technique you cover the parts in metal before sprinkling the "primer".
Well, the next step is that to prepare our colors...

Oil colors are needed, I used black, burnt umber and blue of prussia.
Important: Use only "Essential Oil of petroleoum" or "White Spirit" for dilution.

I prepare my colors... for the chainmail I use only burnt umber and black.
I prepare the mix diluted with the Essential Oil of petroleoum...

Attention, more dilutes the color.... more the color will be transparent and the metal will be seen under.
You begin the part that you want to paint (don't use thin and small brushes, brushes with the short hair that pick up a lot of color more better)

Please...5 minutes of break!
the Essential of Oil evaporates and leaves the colour soft and workable...
Now you need an clean brush to short hair and from the hard bristles.

You start at pass the brush on the surface, removing the color for begin to create the lights. Soon the brush is dirty of color....necessary that you have a clean rag for continually cleaning your brush.

IMPORTANT: don't clean up the brush in the essential oil... because when will cross again on the surface when you remove the color, the color will be diluted and will escape everywhere!
Clean the brush at the end!
Practically it's a reverse drybrushing ... you don't add color, you remove it.

My Knight at this step now:

If you want a type of metal more burnished, at the beginning of the painting you put more color, if you want a colder effect you add the blue one instead of the burnt umber.

At this step is necessary to wait that the color dries completely.
Later, if you desire , you will add the last lights with enamels (humbrol, molak,etc..) or printer ink's.
You can also add some shades with the oilcolors, but in small percentages with the color at minimum dilution.

Last Step: When all colors are dry .... I use Tamiya X19 Smoke for protection and glossy effect.

Some examples:



MountedKnight complete, metal painted with oils:

Thanks for view and ..HAPPY PAINTING! :)
CIAO! ;)
Andrea Aka mXp

ps... please, excuse me for my real banana-english .. :D


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