Only 2 days left to get your booty in...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Now i am really an iddle skitter, simply copy and paste. Don't forget to show your booty or a booty of your friends... July the 24th is the final date for you to join this great contest- All information you'll find behind the banner in the right upper corner... we already got some really cool entries but we are still waiting for yours...

Also keep in mind that there is an actual special offer in our Massive Voodoo Wear Store til July the 30th - grab your chance!

Please remember also the rule changes we did:

After we did get several entries without a MV-hotpant or -short, we  decided something. As we can't allow them (even they are really hot) -  they are not wrapped in our hotpant. BUT we don't want to make  this such a commercial competition. If you don't want to buy one of  these then it is ok for us. BUT we still like booty, so so you  grab a camera, shot your own booty or the one of a friend and do  something really creative with it to impresse us. RULE CHANGES,  yeah right! I love to break rules, haha! Please be sure you don't sent  us your naked booty, they won't appear here as we don't want porn in the  jungle. It still should be wrapped in something, maybe there you can  find your inspiration :)

IMPORTANT: As we never can be sure that someone isn't cheating by  simply catching a photo of a nice booty out of the web there is still  one rule left. Somehow you have to write MASSIVE VOODOO on that booty,  like on a piece of paper or some body colours, whatever you may like.  Please keep that in mind. Those who wear MV-Underwear will have our  attention, but also others can gain attention by their creative way of  showing us their booties.
The Show  your booty! Competition Rules will soon be updated with this  information! Tell it to your friends and don't forget to check the Prizelist!

Stay wild and rock'n'roll - take your chance doing something really funny to win something!
Best Regards

PS: The parcel from Figone still didn't arrive yet and Jeremie is already close to start his travel through Africa on bycicle, but he told me everything will be fine... i'll let you know when everything is fine :) - ATTENTION: Great Jeremie told me that the parcel is on the road! Yeaha!!!


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