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by Roman aka jar

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If painting miniatures is your every day way of life i can promise you there will be some WIPs all the time. Some grow, some stand still, some are waiting for the right moment ... WIPs don't stress my anymore as i have learned to look forward to this right moment, the moment when your inspiration kicks your butt to a project and maybe to the projects end... don't worry about your right moments, if you are honest to your heart and skills they will come... those right moments...

I did some tiny sculpting work on the USMC bust - to make him look like he has seen some action and survived there on Iwo Jima. I did fine cuts with the scalpel in the skin to later on show scratches, bigger areas have been cut out with the scalpel in the clothing and did recieve a little sculpting work with mostly dry Magic Sculp to show damaged clothes. He thought of some shrapnell wounds on his left arm but decided to remove them again as i guess such wounds are nothing you stay calm with... i am glad to have no experience in that. Every edge of the leather belts and clothes did get some fine scratches to make them look more used... and he already is primed.

Let's start some days of high adventure :)
Keep on happy painting!


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