Newbold Challenge - 2nd creative Event this year...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Are you creative in painting miniatures, drawing, scultping, land art, painting or shooting photos? 

If so... check this great competition by the Newbold Family - Newbold Challenge.
Only with taking part you donate 1£ to Children in Need - that is why i always take part... here is the official text by Ian:

"The 2nd Creative Event of the 2010 Newbold Challenge is currently open for entries. First prize is £50 for yourself as well as a donation of £50 on your behalf to Children in Need. You can check out the few rules we have at :

And you can check out
the early entries at :-"

Get your booty up and send in some pictures of your creativity - rock it and spread the word!
Keep on happy painting!


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