Brother Deino finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Brother Deino is now finished and will soon go up to ebay.

It is a Space Hulk Terminator, painted for gaming - you can put him off the socket to play with him in common Warhammer 40k Games. For sure he is not painted in the usual colours he should be as i have seen to many of them already in red. I hope this fact doesn't make him bad - i am not the typicall fanboy when it comes to Marine colours... at least i try not to and keep some variation alive... hope you like him! Thanks to Raffa for taking the final photos with his Supaman-Skills and Bruce Wayne Equipment...

Brother Deino, Games Workshop, Space Hulk, 28 mm

Again i have added a shot made out of my cabinet with lightning...

I have been asked about the armour colours. I can only name them as they have been painted in complete non-thinking mode - here is the list, not sure if it is everything, but i guess i mostly got them right. I hope your eyes are trained a bit to see where everyone of these colours has found its place... sorry i am too tired at the moment... go bed, sleep, banana tree, palm pillow... tzzzzz! All mixed together...

Bleached Bone
Skull White
Ivory by Vallejo
Andrea Flesh Paint Set 2nd light
Dark Sea Blue by Vallejo
Chaos Black swinging the brush again for the next days. Stay tuned. I'll be back, following the same old track of Happy Painting!
Keep it alive on your workbench!

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