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Thanks for all your help to the USMC, highly appreciated... oh dear, i have finished reading "With the Old Breed" and start reading "A helmet for my pillow" - these books really a hard. Hard for the soul and hard for the heart... i can't find words about what i feel inside about such tragedy of humankind but i am really glad that i read them to educate myself... getting such events from first hand is truely something else than looking a movie or something... can't describe what i feel inside, i'll try explain myself with painting up the bust to finish soon. Best would be dropping some tears about such events...

I am really thankful to Mr. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood, that their series and movies made me searching for more information about this theme and that i have the chance to get educated by this. I am so thankful that i would love to say thanks to Mr. Hanks, who is an executive producer of "the Pacific" - and after reading the books i see that they have done a lot of their homework for the series out of the first hand books. I am so overwhelmed by this that i want to give this bust directly to Mr. Hanks as a gift to show him my feelings.

Now there is the problem, for sure i don't want to sent my handpainted bust to some agent which maybe will give it to a closer agent of Mr. Hanks. Anyone got an idea how i can direct it directly to Tom Hanks? Any help would be appreciated. I've already wrote an email to HBO and asked different other places... but maybe one of you knows Mr. Hanks better, haha... I am not intrested in becoming an annyouing fanboy, i just want to pay my credits and say thanks... i'll keep you informed about this thought and its progress, but first i have to finish up the bust and bring my own soul and impressions i did get from the complete overwhelming education i am into right now to it.

Also i have to say thanks for all your birthday wishes - i am not the biggest fan of my own birthday, for sure it is getting closer to the number 30 and i am getting even more less a fan of this day, haha... whatever, thanks a lot for your wishes :)

And we got all your entries for the Show your booty! in... will be shown in the next days :) - stay tuned!

Keep on happy painting!


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