Jungle party...

by Roman aka jar

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Feedback always makes happy and motivates to move on, it is the same with us Apes in here.
Hussar did sent me this email today to tell me his experience with the jungle - thank you very much for your thoughts and such a nice feedback and the green light to quote you in here...

"Hey man,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the excellent tutorials you share with the rest of the world. The work you do is really quite inspiring!
I recently read your Basing with Common Earth article and got inspired by the simplicity of the method (How come I haven't thought about using earth to simulate earth? :P). With the inspiration from this, combined with your interesting painting method of extensive use of glazing, I created a small test base for my up and coming Imperial Guard Vostroyan army in GW's Warhammer 40k. I did some changes to your technique (incorporated some parts of my own) on the base, and have done some more since, but I'm quite pleased with the result ^^

I just thought it would be fun to share with you what you've inspired me to create :)
(It's one of my best bases yet. Ignore the scriblings on the skulls, supposed to be Ork-made, but I just messed them up ^^')

As you say, keep on happy painting! ^^

Cheers ^^
Check out Hussar's blog about Painting a Vostrayan Army for Warhammer 40k - it already starts with an incredible cool artwork i like a lot - Refraint of Sanity

Best Regards


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