Keltois Barbarian, Rackham - First shots

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Hello all, 
after a long time, I couldn't show you anything from my table, I have finished this Rackham mini today morining. I really love the miniatures from this company. I have bought ca. 100 blisters and 10 boxes from them when I heard that they don't produce any new miniatures for painting. But for cheaper prices (most blisters for 2 euro :D)  Okey, seems like I am a bit crazy.

Okey, let's come to the painting... I tried to give him a mystic and brave looking. With dark and naturally colours and  with the pruple and turqouis. The swords should look like twin swords, or I don't know.. how they could be called. But everybody should see that they belong together like ying and yang :D
I tried some new things with pigments, to let the skulls look very old and dirty..

Maybe you can see, some of my crazy monkey ideas in the picutres :D


Tried to make the tips from Raffa in my miniature. I added some white and red + little bit violet in the face.



Thanks for answers and critics. I keep him on the cork, until I have finished his base.

Best regards  


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