Short Update Information...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Today there have been some simple changes
that will help you for a better navigation in the jungle:

- Article section is updated with the latest articles and the article translations so far are now visible

- Painting Jams are now collected to an overview - you can find this in the horizontal navigation bar on the left

- Wertheim Workshop Review is now included in the Workshop overview

So far...
Ok, we are really slow... the jungle makes everything slow lately. There are still some Updates on the site that have to be made - for example the apes on the left or the updates on the right upper corner... still a lot to do... and i am surely no god in html - still need to wait for some other apes to help :) - Whatever, we hope these little changes help you, our dear readers...

Keep on happy painting!


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