Tutorial - Basing with Earth

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa to another basing session :)

Sometimes i also want some quick bases, but most time i build up those which take time and grow during the process. For both i have choosen some really cheap material lately: Earth.

Basing with earth

I did build up a base like i always do. You can find a lot of Basing Articles in the Tutorial Section. I mostly use Milliput for the base and bring in some details like stones, wood and whatever you can imagine. Here is a shot of the real start on how i go at a base:

After finishing the basic construct of the base i was used to take sand for making the surface more intresting and filling up some gaps. Lately i choose to use normal earth you can find everywhere outside. I use it together with superglue and it works fast and well for me. Simply bring some superglue in place where you want the earth later on - for detail placement use a toothpick, after this i switch to my earth box and bring up the earth on the base by crushing it to dust over the base. The nice effect is: you'll get a real natural looking earthy or sandy look of the earth that very fast gets hard because of your superglue. Sometimes there are bigger parts and sometimes not - i really like this. Take care of your health while doing so - it is best to do it under the clear heaven as the smell of Superglue with Earth seems to burn your eyes out of their holes. Here we go with some pictures:

When painted it can look pretty cool when you want to achieve an natural look. Soon i will bring up a tutorial about using Pigments on a base finally. Big preparing time these days. So here are some example bases which have been based with common earth - there is nothing cheaper in this world, except love in your heart...


I hope i could inspire with this... sometimes it is the simple things in life that make a lot of sense and if anyone ever will tell me again that he bought stones by a company i will scream so loud and smashing my chest that he has to run fast out of the jungle... stay wild!

Keep on happy painting!


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