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by Roman aka jar

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Hello booty friends :)

...maybe you thought about the "Show your booty! Contest" these days. Right! Time was running out on last Saturday and i have to say BIG thanks to everyone who has participated. There are not much entries - no idea why, i guess the world isn't ready to freak out for fun with a booty, maybe not everyone got one :)

I am very proud of those who did participate and have great News for you: Everyone will get a price box, i really mean everyone!! - The jury is now at work and will choose their favourites to finally choose who gets which price. Thanks a lot to our great sponsors for this contest - which you can see here in the Pricelist! Finally the FIGONE surprise Miniatures have arrived and the first 3 winners will get one of them... i am not allowed to tell you but it is exclusive, rare and awesome :)

Before i make further blabla - here are the entries of those who really can be proud and shall be honoured with a Big Banana Parcel rolling in by post after the jury work in some days... will for sure be annonced here in the jungle - great stuff in my eyes, big Kong Fu bow for your bravery and your great ideas, c'mon everybody clap your hands right now:

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:

That's it - only 3 brave entries from all over the globe... oh dear, there is a lot of work in front of us Apes, haha - those who did participate are for sure born to rock!!

Additional we for sure got some other entries that did not fit into the rules of the contest. Here is a little choice we don't want to deny to you - the first one came from France and we Apes know these guys too well now, haha! The second one came from Poland, but we are not sure if this is really a true entry because of the not shown MASSIVE VOODOO lettering as demanded (might be an unallowed use of photo copyrights, if anyone finds out this entry will be deleted again from the contest) - enjoy also these cool entries, sadly they won't take part in the competition:

Read you soon with the Show your Booty Winning Placements!
Stay wild!
Roman and the Jungle Crew


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