Work in Progress again...

by Roman aka jar

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The days keep stretching themselves to an unknown level. The sun burns my bald head, my brain is melting, soccer fever around the globe and i got nothing better to do than still swinging the brush of destiny... :)

I did finish the Space Marine Terminator you might have seen on earlier WIP-shots but still got to wait til Raffa's great help makes me showing it with good photos... i failed again trying to do some good shots. Oh man i am inspired these days... why? I'll let you know soon...

Work in Progress at the moment are 2 main projects. I still got a couple of old projects around and surely they will be finished sooner or later. My muse guides me through every storm... what keeps me going at the moment:

Dark Elf Army Standard Bearer, which i paint up as comission. Three friends are doing this as a gift for their ill friend and that moves me a lot while painting, i can't tell... still a lot of work to do, really a lot - at the moment the photo was made i build up a swordarm instead of the shield arm the original model is bearing, which is alread primed black... more to come soon. I will prepare a leather tutorial on this model now :)

Space Hulk Imperial Fist Scriptor, i do for a little competiton in early WIP-status...really a cool model to paint. I did built up the entire base beside his usual base... here is a WIP shot. Raffa found some great little adobes somewhere and gave me some after i was asking like a donkey...

I did fill up the base with common Earth explained here!

I hope you like these pieces so far... soon more progress :)
Keep on happy painting!


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