We need your oppinion... help us to motivate a big talent!!

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle...

Big Kong's liar had a visitor the last 3 days. A real nice person, Daniel with whom Raffa and i did spent wonderful sunny days here in Augsburg. Now i fast get to the point - he is very shy... too shy for his talent... he can sculpt, oh yes he can and he sometimes does... sometimes he never fnds an end at a sculpt and so Raffa and i did propose him to cast some of his sculps and projects for the greater reason to give us a chance to paint them up ...

We need your help!!
We wanted to know what you think of his stuff?
Help us with your comments to motivate him ... we really want some casts of those miniatures badly and after Daniel is still sitting next to me (today he travels home) i take the chance to post this into the jungle... now what you think! Speak loud and free :)

I will start with an overview of some WIPs by Daniel which  stood at my kitchen table all the days(click to enlarge):

A really close to finish Cyberzombie in 32 mm:

And a failed Supersoldier Project guy which is really angry in 32 mm (click to enlarge):

Now please, don't be shy... let Daniel know what you think of his stuff - make some jungle noises - uh uh uh ah ah!!

Best Regards
Roman (with the shy Daniel sitting next to me)


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