Tutorial - How to send a miniature?

by Roman aka jar

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For some reason i thought this might be intresting to some of you. As i am painting a lot of models for sale i have to send them with the post to their new owners. I hate that part of the deal. I try my best in packing them, improve from time to time but anyhow sometimes you can't work against destiny. Sometimes there is damage after the miniature is sent around the globe and i always feel ashamed about it... now i have improved my packing again, reached the next level to avoid damage even better, but my shipment costs will increase because of that as it seems... check it out!

When you want to sent a miniature to someone (Miniature exchange, sold miniature, comission work, etc.) you have to make sure that is perfectly wrapped and doesn't move inside the box. Here is my way to sent a miniature from now on. Made a lot of expierences in this matter so i guess this might be helpful to others too.

First, i carefully wrapped the model in bubble wrap and taped it gently with a usual office tape.I have ordered some more or less cheap plastic food boxes in a set to pack the miniatures in after the bubble wrap thing. I fill this up with stuffing stuff and take care that the model is safe from every direction:

After closing the box i search for a bigger board to put the plastic box in. I now fill up the open space with stuffing stuff like newspapers again from every side:

I often take care that the model is really well placed in that board, that means i don't want the delicate areas of the plastic box next to a side where not much stuffing is going on, so i place it in the board with knowing where it finds enough area to be stuffed while preparing the packing: 

After all is safe and stuffed i close the board and wrap it with strong tape. If you got the chance to write "FRAGILE" on your box don't miss it. If you think you ain't got a chance because the box is dark take a white pen :)

Closing Words
Now follows the easy part with the adress and so on. Try to write everything right. I have made a lot of experiences in sending miniatures over the last couple of years and i had my heart broken sometimes and i am really sorry about things that have happened as they have happened. I always tried to help out as good as i can and i am very thankful to those which are still intrested in my miniatures. Sure it doesn't happen very often, but when it happens i feel ashamed and sorry - so i've learned to improve. This is the way i deal with it now. The best i can do and offer at the moment to fight destiny...

Hope this article can help you in the future! Always feel invited to share your experience here...

Keep on happy painting!


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