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by Roman aka jar

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Aloa, again what a surprise it is me, haha...

I want to show you something which i think is pretty cool. Piotr from Poland did start "Plinth Country" some days ago and i must say: Heyho! This is really cool stuff... After his parcel arrived at my house i was really happy about such cool round plinths.

They are round, not 4-edged - this is really nice and they are produced in Resin so you can easily work with them for making them a unique piece (liking cutting away something). Thanks a lot to you Piotr. This is what the postmen brought to me and i guess you'll soon will see one or the other on finished miniatures by me:

They are perfectly fitting to casual Games Workshop Warhammer 40.000 Bases and when they are black they'll look awesome. If you want your miniatures standing on round plinths made out of Resin, grab yours at Plinth Country - as far as i know Piotr ships worldwide.

You can also find his blog around his cool Miniature work linked up in the Jungle's Blog List - demimorgana.blogspot - check it out (there are also Tutorials and thoughts around our beloved hobby)...

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