While germany...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

... goes crazy because of soccer, i try my best not do.

At least i am no soccer fan, don't know why, maybe because i don't have a television at all. Sure i am happy if others are happy but these "buzzer drive bys" are really hard to ignore. I've tried to build up a bazooka that shots water bombs for a while now to cool down the buzzer mob but i gave up on it and go the peaceful path...

Music is my guidance through these hard hours... and a fresh cleaned work bench, ready to be smashed in a mighty storm of colours... Music! makes me go wild with a brush (good starting title into a long painting night with a glass of Red Wine) ... oh yeah, baby!

EDIT: @Daddy Cool

It soon looks different, haha... but i am trying to keep it clear while painting. Here are some shots of the chaos making process:

Keep on happy painting!


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