Work in Progress - Sir Victor Jazz in the house

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Sometimes it is hard to find a name for a project. This one is a comission piece i call "Sir Victor Jazz", that will be the name of the guy his dog's name will be still searched for. So... oh dear, what an introduction, haha. Victor is from Smartmax's Smog Miniatures Series and his former Name is Major Dreadful with Winston. Love the style of the miniature and look forward to do Sir Victor Jazz justice and try to find my vision on this great sculpt. The scale is around a really small 54 mm model.

I will stop talking now about the model, will maybe do this later on after finishing it. Here is a little insight of the base work i did and how the project finds his start...

Hope you like Victor Jazz so far :)


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