Blablubb... Jungle box!!

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa folks,

now this is another update of the box you soon can date at your house, maybe :) - i am still packing the next jungle surprise box with delicate delay - Raffa did throw in a bust, i did throw in various things again, even a Computer game called "Blood Bowl", oh dear... Jungle Surprise soon to catch!

Some more blablubb?
I did a quick shot with my camera into my cabinet, after it looks real full these days. Raffa's Saxon Warrior still stands firm, i did finish Lilith Hesperax or something like that from the new GW Dark Eldar on a gaming standard and the models which stood around in the local Games Workshop store are now here with me again. Time to bring these Ultramarines on a base in the next future :) - click to enlarge...

This is a test of flesh and soul - don't read further... the Ape Family grows again, soon we got company again in the jungle... more information soon behind the next banana tree, maybe!

Jungle is massive!! 
Keep on happy painting!


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