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Busy Painting days in the jungle, huh? Nice, i like...
As Raffa mentioned he helped me out with photos yesterday so i also got some stuff to show, thanks buddy.

First there are better photos of the latest painting Nurgleboy that i now call "The Wayfarer - Death Guard Fallen"...


He wanders,
leaves centuries behind his trail,
leaves planets to rott in his path,
he doesn't know where he finds freedom,
so he wanders for the great Uncle.

...this was a really cool guy to paint up. I was at Raffa's and wasn't sure about what to paint at this day so i asked him if i could build one of these guys up. He soon saw some colours and I've learned that painting something nurglish is always a real pleasure because the goal is to paint it like you can smell the odor... love it.

In the lowest picture you can see how he looked like without paint. I did use several tiny things to make him look more rotten, like chains, cables made from guitar strings, other cables from electronic stuff, cog wheels from old watches, small chains from an unknown hobby... nagh, stuff, small balls from a water filter machine, Forgeworld body and shoulder pads and stuff... yepp, lots of stuff on this guy, don't think i can name it all... I try to write a Step by Step of him if my brain allows it. He will soon be up to ebay i guess...
Hope you like him?

The Wayfarer - Death Guard Fallen
28 mm, Games Workshop

Here you can find a big photo 
of the stuff i took for building this guy up, 
click to enlarge:

Second, i did paint up a Tau Fire Warrior some time ago. I painted this guy up for fun on a piece of cork on which he still stands. A funny quick paintjob in about some hours. At least it traded me an old bycicle from Raffa... yeah :)

Tau Fire Warrior
28 mm, Games Workshop

After some oppinions about bad photos at the latest painted Death Corp of Krieg Comissar on horse i am again thankful to Raffa as i now got some new ones. Same model, better photos...

DcoK Comissar
28 mm, Forgeworld

The end of this posting is shortly ahead, but i got some more WIP of Victor Jaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzssssss...
I did paint some weirdo textures on the cloak and glazed it several times with Model Air Colour - Tank Brown 71041, which is always a nice option for painting leather. I've miced in a bit of Model Colours Dark Sea blue 70898 and some Model Colour Black 70950 in the shadow areal, while i will now work out the texture againm the lights, maybe some glazing again. It is still not done as you can read, but it is a lot of fun and i've already worked on different spots, not only at the cloak...

The next advertisment looking photos are nto meant that way. It is just to show mati the new generation of energy drink with a Dssccchhhoouddddooouummmcccllliiiikkk-breech... check this one out my friend, it will bring you endless power... and it looks damn cool and tastes nasty!!

So far from the colourful mountains of the jungle... and if you got some, don't get them crashed!
Keep on happy painting and love colours everywhere you may find them!
Best Regards


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