Midnight WIPs

by Roman aka jar

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Heyho! Midnight jungle drums bouncing again... happy painting and adorable sculpting in full force down at Kong's deep down forest liar. *knock, knock* it sounds through the misty mountains, again silence, *knock, knock* you can hear again halling beyond the mountains...


*knock, knock*
There it is again. Deep down in the evergreen forests as Capuchin slowly walks to the jungle fortress door to open it, Kong furiosly charged past him and snuffles at the door. Chapuchin was really excited to see who did revive Kong from his painting meditation and he was whispering behind the door. Kong was getting furios to know who is behind, but as he smells another Ape, equipped with brilliant brush skills and ideas never seen before, he easily calmed down and gave Chapuchin the Jungle Fortress Door key. They've rolled a D6 and got a 2, they've needed a D3 to pass the key, suddenly it fell to the floor and all hell broke lose... soon there is another ape in here shaking the banana trees with us... time to really get the jungle dance and get exited about speculations who it might be... c'mon get excited!! :)

Midnight WIPs of Chapuchin and Kong

Wood Elf Dragon
Games Workshop, 28 mm,
(painted on comission for the use on the gaming table)

So far... keep on happy painting!
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R & R


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