Tutorial - Making Brick Walls

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

Maybe you've read the link that Roman posted... i did some days ago and i was truly inspired.
I already ordered the so called "feather board" which is correctly called "foamboard" (the translation in the tutorial is wrong).

But until it arrives i already tried out the technique with some styrodur... it's a really fast and easy way to create brick walls. I documented my trial run so you can see my result and try it for yourself :)

Those are the tools i made for myself.
I used 3 brushes i don't need anymore and burned out the hairs with a lighter.... don't use this technique as it smells like SHIT!
Then i bent the metal with some pliers to the desired shape.

On a piece of styrodur i punched in some bricks.
I also put in some scratches, dents and broke out one brick with different tools.

I've cut out some one more styrodur piece at roughly the size of my socket.

Just turn around and cut the rough shape with a cutter.

I glued the parts together with superglue... it turned out that using superglue is not the best thing with styrodur... i should have used UHU....
You can see me punching in more bricks with the custom tool.

I've decided to add another cut to the floor. there will be some slimy canal....

Added more punches with my tools.... the floor doesn't look very pretty because it's not the perfect material for the technique... but it's ok.

Choose a Mini to fit the scene :)
I choose to add a pipe with some detailling....

To add some strength to the material i mixed some MagicSculpt with water and stirred it for 2 years.

Brush the mix on the styrodur to add some strength to the material.
Tadaaaaa. when it's dry it will be much harder... you can then sand over the bricks a little bit to make them a bit flatter and add some more details.

With this technique you can add quick and nice brick walls to any scene, let your imaginations free :)



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