Saxon Warrior - 7th Century

by Raffa

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Heeeeeey my friends!

I finally finished my 2nd historical miniature. It's the Saxon Warrior from Latorre Models in 70mm size (but it's 65mm in reality)....
This guy was great fun to paint and i experimented a bit on the base.
I had much fun creating this winter scene and taking the whole model and base a bit further than i did on other minis the last weeks.
I put relatively much work into the guy although the face is sculpted kinda sucky and isn't the best face i've painted so far...

Buuuuuuuut anyway, i love him and i don't really say that on many minis ;)

Here are some photos of him:
I hope you like him too, comments and critics are always welcome, especially in a relatively new area for me...

Oh and here is my current wip:
I've sculpted a new head for my demon prince conversion... i didn't like any of the heads that were supplied with the kit, so i had to improve...

Hope you have a good night!


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