Tutorial - Making a Bucket

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

This is really a hardcore posting marathon month.... but you won't be spared muhahahahaha!

Here we will make a small bucket for all your 32mm needs.
This is just the basic technique, you can vary the size and many other things.

Ok, lets get started:

Paint two circles on a piece of thin cardboard.
It would be best to draw it with a compass... but i didn't have one at hand...
The height of the bucket depends on the size of this drawing... the height of the bucket will be the height of the circle thing....

Cut it out with a scissor

Roll the edges with a toothpick

Both edges rolled.

Now roll the whole thing with a toothpick

Nice and round but not fitting perfectly because the drawing had some flaws..

Put the "bucket" on a piece of cardboard.

Put one drop of superglue inside and let it dry.

For the handle i will use a acupuncture needle, you can also use wire.

Bend it and cut some of the curly stuff.

Bend it more and cut and remove the other side.

When the bucket is dry, cut the lower part to fit the upper part.
I used romans gigantic scissor for this.

Here is the raw bucket construction.
You can also glue stripes of plasticard to the sides to simulate a wooden bucken.

I wrapped some thread around the bucket and glued it in place with superglue.... just for the look.

Finally the handle is glued to the bucked and you can call it finished.... your very own bucket in small scale. As you can see i cut some damage into it with a scalpel..... but that's just personal taste :)

I hope this tutorial will help you some time when you're in need of a nice bucket :D



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