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Another blog update that brings weirdo Work in Progress information. First progress at the Death Corp of Krieg that i am doing at the moment... just went for a very simple base and want to put some more hours into the painting from now on, i would say 50% are already reached, i've got a plan...

I did build a base some days ago and had in mind i wanted to bring it to some asian looking post-apocalyptic harbour scenery with 2 fisherman on deck, one from Guild of Harmony with the Koi and one holding 2 buckets from Helldorado. That was the plan and that is also the reason Raffa did build up 2 buckets befor i'll try with my cripply fingers. I've started to build up the base on another wonderful socket by Sockelmacher.de and very fast the idea changed. I went for some Little Red Riding Hood in post apocalyptic action over to my actual final idea that will be named "Secure the Perimeter" with some Infinity miniatures. I can show you some progress shots, but without the Infinity guys, because they didn't arrive yet at my house...  Damn stange basebuilding this was, but that's the way, aha, aha, i like it :)

The main theme for the project named "Secure the perimeter" will be jungle, as i did read a lot of books about the Vietnam War lately ot get my history background about it quite larger than it used to be. Jungle? Never really did something big with jungle, so also a new path for me.

I'll keep you informed about these projects and maybe others that are running beside. So far, keep on happy painting and dancing with the muse!
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