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Still in search of balance... balance between different things of weight to me... maybe music helps - meanwhile as i thought damn, i hate searching my colours everytime i need one i remember reading somewhere that i now got a cool and lazy option for my colour search. I was too lazy to paint colour dots or spots on top the cans and i choose to simply switch them upside down and i love the colour play of my workbench so much...

At the moment i am doing several different things, preparing here and there, painting here and there, but one thing i got on photo is another Wood Elf Dragon i do paint up on comission and for the use on the gaming table. I am making many experiences these days, which for sure will find their way into the jungle. The next days and weeks are a bit busy with a big painter's meeting in Augsburg (my loved hometown), my girlfriends birthday soon and the upcoming second Painting Class in Graz/Austria in 2 weeks. I try to answer some questions soon, but i have to say sorry to some of you - i am not able to answer many questions these days via mail or here in the jungle - busy, busy, ysub :) - Wood Elf Dragon:

Question answered, via comment by Sobek:

"Sorry for my bad english, but why do you paint it with oil colours? What effect can you achive with oil that you couldnt with acrylic paint. I have been wondering about this at Raffas Jetbike too. Isnt oil alot harder to work with ? Ok, if you inhale enough thinner it might give you new insights into the function of the universe, but that could also be achieved with a Bottle of Singlemalt or some mushrooms ;p
No serious, whats the advantage of oilcolours ?"

Mmh... i don't have a real reason to try it. I just want to expand my horizon, try new things, let them influance my actual way of painting. Testing is always fun and i swore to myself someday, when there is nothing to learn anymore i search for another passion. I am using Turpentine Substitution odourless from LUKAS - so no worry about my colourful dreams or visions, they just come out of my soul :)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Smile! 


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