Some WiP and Tutorial Video announcement

by Raffa

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Heeey dear jungle readers!

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day, i played computer games all the night until 3 am... but theeeen i had the idea to make a small instructional video on some weathering techniques... ;)
Here are some screencaps:

Today after work i will try to record an english version... then you will have the pain of a swabian monkey english in your brain!

But, enough of this, here are some work in progress photos... at the moment i make slow progresses...

I received my 2nd 3D print yesterday.... i'm actually using this one, i already carved out the details and i will fix the skin and add some detail the printer couldn't do...
If there is enough interest i will make some copies of this bust. It's a pretty big one as you can see in comparison the the vallejo bottle.

Here is my Nurgle guy, he is still in a very very early stage.....

Oh and that's it, the demon princes' head will be fixed today and maybe i'll give him a quick coat with the airbrush..... oh dear, so much stuff to do today...


Oh and here's a photo of my workbench in the morning, i like the light on the picture:


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