Thanks to Mario and Richard plus further WIP of Victor

by Roman aka jar

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1. Thanks to Mario
First i want to say thanks to Mario who did win our birthday present parcel a while ago with his sweet painting palace - Birthday Workbench Winner. The parcel was indeed packed with a lot of goodies and cool hobby stuff and Mario wanted to say thanks to the Jungle, grabbed one of the miniatures in there and did it more than justice. Today i have been to the post office to pick up the parcel ... and hell yeah, thank you very much for this cool paintjob - there has been a little damage on the stone in the back, nevermind i will quick fix it. This will get a honourable place in my cabinet:

2. More "Sir Victor Jazz" WIPs
I am having my fun working on this guy... still early Work in Progress:

3. Thanks to Richard
I did get this wonderful email some days ago and will show it here and answer to it - Thanks Richard, such words make me know why we pump these hours into the jungle...

"Hi Roman,

I have been an avid reader of your website for the last 5 months and have become so addicted to hearing or seeing any of your work that I even get disappointed when there is no log. I have been painting for 5 years and have only got the time to paint what with having two daughters and a full time career. I was very much learning all my skills myself and primarily get my painting tips from GW. Yet, it wasn’t until I got onto your site that my whole world changed. Your tutorials opened up a whole new dimension in my painting that I don’t think I could go back to any other style. Your tutorials are the best on the web and so informative and helpful that I wish I had found you years ago. Your work and your passion is an inspiration. What is so disheartening is the fact that we can’t get any other models in this country other than GW stuff. Cool, but not as cool as some of the stuff I have seen you paint over these months. Amazing stuff. I have so much to say yet don’t want to come across as a painful annoying fan that won’t go away.
All I wanted to say is keep up the great work!!!!! Sometimes we don’t see the impact of our actions and yet you have reached someone all the way in South Africa!!!!! I paint because I love the freedom it gives me to be creative and let my imagination soar. But it wasn’t until I found your site, that I truly learned the skills and inspired me to take on those challenges head on. I hope to send you some pics of my stuff someday as I have never had anyone professional see my work, and as I am sure you will agree……a true artist wants input from others in order to grow but also share the passion for my hobby. It is guys like you and your website that make fans like me in small countries without all the suppliers and manufacturers get a true hint of the real hobby oversees.

PS: “Hunter Hunted” – Best piece of work I have seen ever, except maybe for the French golden demon winner with chaos giant. Actually, if I think of it. Yours is astounding on so many more levels!!!! I can’t wait to download your tutorial on that piece. A Demon Slayer deserved through and through.

Keep on happy painting and always let the passion shine through!!!!!

Your email made me speechless, thanks to you and your motivation you bring to us. Maybe the jungle can help you out with some miniatures you don't get down in the sunny continent, i guess there might be the option of making one of us to your buying slave to stock up your stuff. This is something we should talk about via further email. 

Don't you worry. The jungle is only one year old, so you couldn't find us before, haha. There is a little misunderstanding about "Hunter or Hunted". It is done by Raffa aka Picster who also is an ape author of this side. It is not mine, but you are right - it is fantastic- just to keep that clear :) - you can see who posts what in the first line of a posting... So, again big muchas gracias for your motivational words and i hope you don't mind that i did this quote here, i just wanted to let all the other Apes now what they'll do by throwing bananas into this blog...

4. Thanks to Autumn
... for such nice colours besides my balcony :)

Keep on happy painting!


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