Painting Jam 14 - Colours on Lelith, Dark Eldar

by Roman aka jar

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Again its me... the Lone Ranger and bringing you Painting Jam News to your desktops at home:

As i did recieve this question several times i thought it is time by now to answer it... it's all about Lelith Hesperax, that i've painted up lately. Here is a photo of her:

Here goes th question:
"Could we ask for some words on that colour scheme for main parts? eg skin, leather, hair , metal..."

I try my best as far as i can remember and the question'n'answering one arm bandit makes noises again... i wish i'd know the answer of all your questions, but i give it a try on this one:

A bright start was made with Space Wolfs Grey + Codex Grey and Bleached Bone Mix. Shadows added with a tip of Regal blue in that mix. Lights painted with more and more Skull white added into the basic mix. All worked with the "rules" of zenithal lightning.

Armour parts:
I've used a basecoat from black+Blood Red, highlighted this with more blood Red and used a tip of Dwarf Flesh in the highlights. Final edges were done with a tip of bleached bone in that mix. Next i've used thin glazes of Tamyia Clear Red X-27 to bring it all together and give it the shiny look. So no metal tone in here at all.

Have been painted with a basecoat form Oily Steel and a tip of tourquise in it. Done with shadows and lights to make them look like real metal, you can find an article about that here - shadows by bringing in some black in my main mix, lights by bringing in silver from Vallejo... Lights and shadow all the time...

Ugh? Some dark sea blue, black, grey in it for highlights, white for further highlights... can't remember much more of it.

That was also a mess i can't describe anymore :)

I hope this little colour overview can help you at your own Lelith Hesperax or Dark Eldar or Smurf :)
Keep on happy painting!

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