Sir Victor Jazz & Butcher Pete finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Ouchy... i finally finished something again.  
Sir Victor Jazz and Butcher Pete, two long time friends standing near the harbour in a foulish dark alley where it stinks from big poopy. Both painted as a comission. I hope you like them. There have been a lot of WIP shots in the past weeks about this project, so i guess everyone who reads here regularly already knows them. Miniature are from SmartMax's Smog Game in a tiny 54 mm scale and are  normally named. The comissioner did sent a lot of basing stuff, like the wall and the lamp, but i had to pump it up even a bit more. No idea where the wall and lamp are from.

I used different colours on this miniature and i already know it will hard for me to rename them - i just did paint up each area as i wanted it to look in the end... from inspiration to brain, from brain to eye, from eye to hand, from hand to brush, from brush to miniature the colour went, that's all i can say at the moment... finished - his royal highness Sir Victor Jazz with his human bodyguard Butcher Pete :)

Sir Victor Jazz and Butcher Pete
Smart Max, 54 mm

Additional i have some serious Work in Progress shots for you collected from all the photos i have taken, may they inspire and help - you whatever is needed... You can click all pictures to enlarge them. In the last picture you can the those two buddies how they look finished in my cabinet...

Fading away already, nothing more to say - hope you like them!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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