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by Roman aka jar

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Today i've spent my day at Raffa's painting and going crazy with some cool bits - don't you worry i have asked him if i could build one Death Guard up and so on... but wait, this post is about ombaR - the medieveal John Rambo - a fine Red Box Games miniature again. Tre is the man, dynamic poses and storytelling fine detail Fantasy sculpts... love 'em. The sculpt 've did paint up is named "Nannulf of Arnholdt's Hill".
Hope you like him!

ombaR - Medieveal John Rambo, Red Box Games Miniatures, 28 mm

Here is the the result of some serious hours of building up a Nurgle Death Guard with parts flying around here at Raffa's. Thanks buddy for such a fun in those hours...

Keep on happy painting!
Sir Victor Jazz and Butcher Pete - now who is who?
Best Regards out of the painting madness camp :)


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