Early Bird WiP and Finished Stuff

by Raffa

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 Hey everyone...

yeah, i know it's time to sleep and my bed is calling but not before showing you some stuff :)

First one is a Death Korps of Krieg infantrymen that i got as a gift from our austrian brush brother kurt.
I painted him up for a small german painting competition that is held regulary at a forum.
"Where once was Paradise"

Here's a wip shot of the base:

I finished 2 other minis today, one was a loooong time WiP in my cabinet that just needed some brush strokes and the other one is a gift for Tre, the chieftain of Red Box Games.
Sorry for the bad photos, just see it as a "i got it finished" jungle yell :)


Captured Sentinel

And i started with a historic figure yesterday, it's a saxon from Latorre, these are 2 photos:

I know the shield looks pretty weird right now... give me some time ;) it's a really early wip....
Another wip project i'm currently working on is this demon prince:

Still aloooooooooooot of work to do as you can see.... biggest next thing will be a new head :)
And the last wip shot... really early in the project... and still a loooooooooooooooooooong way to go....

So i hope you like some of this stuff :)



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