Little animals from Busch

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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Little animals

And you thought Hasslefree Kids and Red Box Games Minis are small enough for me? Noo^^ - I am joking. Some time ago I asked Raffa where he got some of the small animals from, he used at his bases. He said me the box from *BUSCH*, and its really worth every cent. For 7 euro, you get nearly 100, very well sculpted, animals, and the size fits good to 32mm miniatures. 

Here are some exemples of them, I painted this rabbit, like the rabbit I had in my childhood, you can see him on the last picture. Not much more to say..  now he runs overy my Hasslefree Diorama :)

The animals are fit on a toothpick so you can see that they are really small.  But I like it, because I can paint it clean, without sitting there for hours and they are cool details for bases or dioramas^^ I just can advice for this set :D 

Now.. good night.. really :P


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